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As of 2022, I am a sophomore at Northeastern University studying Computer Science and Economics. I learned to code when I was 15 and since then I have dabbled with various technologies/programming languages, but wouldn't call myself an expert in any 😅.


What I am Up To
  • I am working as a researcher at DAO Maker
  • I run podcasts and manage website for NEU Blockchain, also Head of PR
  • I am trying to grow my YouTube 📹 channel and Blog ✍️ (Not that seriously tho)


Things I want to learn
  • I want to learn full-stack web development to hosting all the projects I have made, will make, and monetize them 💸. To achieve this, I am trying to improve my MERN stack skills
  • Diving deep into how Ethereum works and Solidity
  • Iearning how to play guitar. Just learned how to skateboard
  • Learning Calesthenics

Get In Touch

If you want to hire me, want some advice, or just wanna chat
  • if you want some advice or have questions, you can reach me out on Twitter on Instagram (I prefer Twitter) Just tag me @patnishubh with your question. or DM
  • if you want to hire me, you can reach me at shubhpatni2002@gmail.com

My Newsletter

I am not issuing any newsletters yet, but I plan to do it soon. If you are familiar with my content and would like to be the first few to know when I release my newsletter, you can enter your mail 😁

Would Like to Support Me?

If my content have helped you in any way and you wish to support me so I can create more content, you can just pay for any of my Resources . This would help me + help you out, a win-win 🙌